Groups Timetable


The table below shows the timing of different Activity Groups that are open to Horsley U3A members.

Activity Groups have their own webpages - click on a group hyperlink (coloured text) to find out more. 

Horsley U3A Activity Group Timetable   Updated: 24-Oct-18
Day Start Finish Group Days in Month Location Contact
Monday 10:00   Walking Third Monday Outdoors Jean Sylvester
Tel: 283474
  14:00 16:00 Boules Every Monday Horsley Sports Club Wendy and Ian Sampson
Tel: 664021
  14:00 16:00 Pencil Art for All Second Monday East Clandon Village Hall Jill Richardson-Jones
Tel: 459547
  14:15   Bowling (Outdoors) Every Monday Horsley Bowls Club Peter Tallon
Tel: 283163
  14:30 16:00 Antiques and Collectables Third Monday East Horsley Village Hall Joy Davis
Tel: 574377
Tony Jones
01372 454161
  14:30 16:30 Bridge Club 2 Every Monday   Helen Bayes
Tel: 282062
  15:15 17:30 Table Tennis - Monday Every Monday East Horsley Village Hall Bill King
Tel: 283984
  19:00   Canasta 2 Last Tuesday Various Roger Gardiner
Tel: 284124
  19:30   Chess Fourth Monday Members' homes John Macdonald
01483 283038
      Books: Easyreaders First Monday Members' homes Sheila Keogh
Tel: 284754
Tuesday 09:30 12:30 Bird Watching and Natural History unspecified Tuesday Outdoors Brian Austin
Tel: 284925
John Burge
Tel: 283803
  09:30   Cycling Every Tuesday Outdoors Bob Spackman
Tel: 283343
Sue Reeve
Tel: 282063
  10:00   Books Second Tuesday Members' homes Esther Ruscoe
Tel: 282985
  10:00 12:00 Ukulele Every Other Tuesday Members' homes Alan Goldup
01372 456064
Ian Eversden
01372 456854
  14:00   Rummikub 2 Third Tuesday Members' homes Derry Dinkin
07774 148540
  14:00   Science & Technology Second Tuesday Merrow Village Hall Ian Eversden
01372 456854
  16:15   History Fourth Tuesday East Horsley Village Hall Clive Smee
Tel: 283542
David Williams
Tel: 282296
  19:30   Wine Appreciation Second Tuesday East Horsley Village Hall Alan Gilbertson
Tel: 385126
  all day   Explore London (Tuesday) First Tuesday Outdoors Roy Proctor
Tel: 282410
      Books: Lovelace First Tuesday Members' homes Sue Smith
Tel: 283269
Wednesday 09:45 12:00 U3A Monthly Meeting and speaker Fourth Wednesday East Horsley Village Hall  
  13:30   Mah-Jong First & Third Wednesday Members' homes Stephanie Henderson
Tel: 283844
  14:00   Poetry Second Wednesday Members' homes Pat Homewood
Tel: 282384
  14:00   Scrabble Second Wednesday Members' homes Janet Rushby
Tel: 285235
  14:15 16:30 Photography Second Wednesday Various David Wilson
Tel: 283091
Ian Eversden
01372 456854
  15:00 17:00 Music Appreciation Third Wednesday Members' homes Peter Collett
Tel: 283661
  15:15 17:15 Table Tennis - Wednesday Every Wednesday East Horsley Village Hall Gayle Leader
Tel: 222689
  16:00 18:00 Bridge – improvers First, Third, and Fifth Wednesday Various Annie Gilbert
Tel: 285973
  16:00 18:00 Scottish Dancing Every Other Wednesday Effingham Community Hall Celia Chapman
Tel: 282474
  19:30   Rummikub Second Wednesday Members' homes Liz Onslow
Tel: 282180
Thursday 10:00   Genealogy Last Thursday East Horsley Village Hall Bob Spackman
Tel: 283343
  10:30 12:30 Croquet Every Thursday Outdoors Bob Davis
Tel: 284237
  14:00 16:00 Practical Art for All Second & Fourth Thursday East Horsley Village Hall Ian Phillipson
Tel: 284410
  14:00 16:00 Scrabble 2 Alternate Thursday Members' homes Angela Watney
Tel: 282260
  14:30 16:30 Open Minds -Discussion Group Third Thursday Members' homes Mandy Newman
Tel: 284342
  15:00   Grace Notes (Make Music) Every Thursday West Horsley Methodist Hall Marion Hartland
Tel: 280072
  15:00 17:00 Pickleball Every Friday East Horsley Village Hall Pam Campbell
Tel: 282245
Helen Bayes
Tel: 282062
  16:30 18:30 Bridge Club 1 First & Third Thursday East Horsley Village Hall Sue Burge
Tel: 283803
  17:45   Astronomy Third Thursday Members' homes Peter Tribe
Tel: 222826
Ian Symes
Tel: 283774
  19:00   Canasta 1 Last Thursday Various Janet Rushby
Tel: 285235
  19:00   Films First Thursday Lovelace Rm EHVH Margaret Faulkner
Tel: 282267
  19:30   Travel Third Thursday East Horsley Village Hall Jenny Peachey
Tel: 223656
  20:00   Snooker Every Thursday West Horsley British Legion Bob Spackman
Tel: 283343
  all day   Explore London (Thursday) Fourth Thursday outdoors David Harrison
Tel: 280260
      Getting Out and About Second Friday Various Helen Bayes
Tel: 282062
Friday 15:30 17:30 Table Tennis - Friday Every Friday East Horsley Village Hall Gayle Leader
Tel: 222689
Flexible     Creative Writing - Fiction Flexible   Peter Dillow
07947 603115
      Pilates Flexible   Denise Smee
Tel: 283542
  19:30   Boating & Sailing Flexible Various David Davis
Tel: 283728
Ian Eversden
01372 456854
  all day   Outings Flexible Various Ian Miller
Tel: 304744
Mark Pinks
Tel: 283877
  all day   Transport and Industrial Archaeology Flexible Outdoors Tony Samson
Tel: 282936
      Computer Buddies Flexible Various Tony Heaney
Tel: 284347
      Concert Outings Flexible Excursion Bill King
Tel: 283984
      Humour Flexible Online Ian Eversden
01372 456854
      Memoir Writing TBA Members' homes Clive Smee
Tel: 283542
      Orchids Flexible TBA Jean Green
Tel: 284467
      Supper Club Flexible   Gill Borthwick
01483 282672
07939 227556
      Theatre Visits Flexible Excursion  Liz Onslow
Tel: 282180
      Using New Technology Flexible Various Tony Heaney
Tel: 284347
      Wine Appreciation - Home based Flexible Members' homes Stewart Smith
Tel: 283269

  Note: phone area code (01483) unless otherwise shown

 To join any group please get in touch with the contact listed, or contact Groups Co-ordinators Denise Smee on 01483 283542 or Helen Bayes on 01483 282062 or at groups at

To become a Horsley U3A member please contact Membership Secretary Sylvia Lillywhite on 01483 283906 or at membership at