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Horsley U3A Activity Groups by Category Updated: 14 February 2020
Category Group Contact
Arts and Crafts Antiques and Collectables Joy Davis
Tel: 574377
Tony Jones
01372 454161
  Knit for Charity Margaret Grinter
Tel: 282294
  Pencil Art for All Jill Richardson-Jones
Tel: 459547
  Play Reading Michael Grinter
Tel: 282294
  Practical Art for All Gill Culmer
Tel: 222743
Games & Pastimes Bridge – improvers  Annie Gilbert
Tel: 285973
  Bridge Club 1 Sue Burge
Tel: 283803
  Bridge Club 2 Helen Bayes
Tel: 282062
  Canasta 1 Janet Rushby
Tel: 285235
  Canasta 2 Roger Gardiner
Tel: 284124
  Chess John Macdonald
01483 283038 
  Films Margaret Faulkner
Tel: 282267
  Humour Derry Dinkin
07774 148540
  Mah-Jong Stephanie Henderson
Tel: 283844
  Rummikub Liz Onslow
Tel: 282180
  Rummikub 2 Derry Dinkin
07774 148540
  Scrabble Janet Rushby
Tel: 285235
  Scrabble 2 Angela Watney
Tel: 282260
  Snooker  Robin Satow
01306 640474
History Genealogy Bob Spackman
Tel: 283343
  History  June Davey
Tel: 283646
David Williams
Tel: 282296
Music Grace Notes (Make Music) Marion Hartland
Tel: 280072
  Music Appreciation Peter Collett
Tel: 283661
  Ukulele Tony Renfrey
07768 970325
Natural World Bird Watching and Natural History Brian Austin
Tel: 284925
John Burge
Tel: 283803
  Orchids Jean Green
Tel: 284467
Outdoor and Sporting Boules Wendy Sampson
01483 664021 or
07769 183361
Ian Sampson
Tel: 664021
  Bowling (Outdoors) Peter Tallon
Tel: 283163
  Croquet Bob Davis
Tel: 284237
  Curling Bob Spackman
Tel: 283343
  Cycling Bob Spackman
Tel: 283343
Sue Reeve
Tel: 282063
  Dinghy Sailing Bob Spackman
Tel: 283343
  Garden Visiting Gayle Leader
Tel: 222869
  Indoor Climbing Peter West
07831 351836
  Longer Walks Barbara Firth
Tel: 283262
  Pickleball (Fridays) Pam Campbell
Tel: 282245
Helen Bayes
Tel: 282062
  Pickleball(Thursdays) Jeannette Rand
Tel: 283867
  Pilates Margaret Newman
07974 428358
  Table Tennis - Friday Roger Gardiner
Tel: 284124
  Table Tennis - Monday afternoon Bill King
07476 922980
  Table Tennis - Monday morning Verity Walsgrove
Tel: 284664
  Table Tennis - Wednesday Viv Markley
07790 762948
  Walking Robert Taylor
Outings and Social Explore London (Thursday 2nd group) Fran King
Tel: 283051
  Explore London (Thursday) David Harrison
Tel: 280260
  Explore London (Tuesday) Roy Proctor
Tel: 282410
  Getting Out and About Helen Bayes
Tel: 282062
  Opera and Ballet Bill King
07476 922980  
  Outings Ian Miller
Tel: 304744
Mark Pinks
Tel: 283877
  Scottish Dancing Celia Chapman
Tel: 282474
  Supper Club Gill Borthwick
01483 282672
07939 227556
  Theatre Visits  Liz Onslow
Tel: 282180
  Travel Jenny Peachey
Tel: 223656
  Wine Appreciation Tony Thompson
Tel: 282314
Valerie Thompson
Tel: 282314
  Wine Appreciation At Home Stewart Smith
Tel: 283269
Philosophy/ Languages/ Literature Books Sally Gilbert
Tel: 284813
  Books:  Easyreaders Sheila Keogh
Tel: 284754
  Books: Crime Fiction Peter West
07831 351836
  Books: Lovelace Sue Smith
Tel: 283269
  Creative Writing Ian Eversden
01372 456854
Tony Pratt
Tel: 281542
  French Conversation David Foot
Tel: 280756
  Open Minds - Discussion Group Mandy Newman
Tel: 284342
  Poetry Mary Hollier
Tel: 282228
Science & Technology Astronomy Peter Tribe
Tel: 222826
Ian Symes
Tel: 283774
  Computer Buddies Tony Heaney
Tel: 284347
  Photography David Wilson
Tel: 283091
Ian Eversden
01372 456854
  Transport and Industrial Archaeology Tony Samson
Tel: 282936
  Using New Technology Tony Heaney
Tel: 284347


Note: phone dialling prefix (01483) unless otherwise shown

To join a group U3A members should contact the Group Leader/ Organiser listed above. For additional information please view the individual Group web page(s) where applicable, or call the Group contact to check for the latest updates. In case of any difficulty please contact the Groups Co-ordinator, Denise Smee on 01483 283542, or email:

Suggestions for further groups are always welcome.  

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