History Group


The History group has a full programme of talks by members, talks by external speakers; group discussions; visits to exhibitions, and visits to sites of interest. All U3A members are welcome. The ideas, enthusiasm and  support of our members has enabled us to enjoy a full programme of talks for 2018.  We have the folowing programme of talks for 2019:



January 22: “Little Bookham in World War 1” (Vivian White)


February 26: “Royal residents of Guildford Castle” (Mary Alexander)                                                                                                                         


March 26:” 'Crazed with the Spell of Far Arabia':  explorers in the Arabian Desert” (June Davey) 


April 23: “Boadicea’s Rebellion: the lady behind the myth”.  (Sir Rupert Jackson)               


May 28: “Stalin’s Youth” (Ken Foy)


June 25: “History of Yoga” (Mark Blowers); “Incident at Nery” (Mark Blowers)


September 24 : “D-Day Surprises” (David Wiliams)


October 22: “My family and Window Glass Making” (Don Tyzack) ; 


November 26: “Michelangelo” (Graham Davey)


ALL MEETINGS are at 4.15 for 4.30pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month in East Horsley Village Hall.   There are also plans for one or two visits to local sites of historical interest.

This programme reflects the wide range of member interests. We expect it to evolve in line with those interests.  New member are welcome. Please contact

Clive Smee (clivesmee@hotmail.com ) or David Williams (ruspers@hotmail.com)


Previous Programme 2017


24th January       Stephen Day: " End of Empire  - Aden".  Confirmed


28th February     Bob Spackman: "Mississippi to the Pacific -1805". Confirmed


28 March               Three short talks on "Major Social Reformers".  Possible reformers: Elizabeth Fry; Robert   Owen; William Wilberforce; 
                        William Beverage; William Hillary; etc.  Possible speakers: ?


25th April          Andrew  Thompson  on [A Bishop in Turbulent Times: George Morley, Bishop   of   Winchester ]. Confirmed
but title  provisional.


23rd May              June Davey :'A man so much above others:' John Evelyn, diarist in Turbulent Times .  (Provisional  title.  )


27th June             Ken Foy: "Mary Queen of Scots". Confirmed


26th Sept             Graham Davey: Diggers and Levellers; revolutionaries in Cobham? (Provisional title )


24th Oct               David Williams: "Significant Side- Shows of World War 1"


28th Nov             David Hodge: "The Origins of Bomb Disposal in  Britain"  (25 minutes);and Mark Blowers on  

                           "The  "funnies" developed for the D-Day landings" (40 minutes) 

Previous Programme: 2016


January 26: John Warren: “Red Vienna: Austria between the Wars”.


February 23: “History Mysteries”. 4 x 15 minute talks by Diana Smith:”The Lusitania”; Peter Brazier: “The Marie Celeste”; Joy Campbell: “The Princes in the Tower”; Tony Bovill: “The Indian Mutiny”.


March 22: David Barnardo: “Thomas John Barnardo, an Immigrant’s Son. The Man and his Legacy”.


April 26: June Davey: “When Lions danced with Dragons – The Story of Hong Kong”.


May 24: “England’s Worst Monarchs”. 4 x15 minute talks by Mark Blower: “Richard 1”; David Lush: “King John”; Stephen Day: “George IV “; Joy Davis: “Edward V11”.


June 28: Geoffrey Stonehouse: “The Earls of Orkney, the King of Portugal and me(30 minutes); and David Hodge: “The Origins of Bomb Disposal in Britain” (30 minutes), .


September 27: Bob Dare: “Hijacked by Palestinian Terrorists. A True Story.” Graham Davey: “The Middle East in 1970 – the Back Story.”


October 25: David Williams: “The Life and Loves of the Duke of Wellington.”


November 22: Clive Smee: “The Great Divergence - why did economic growth take off in Europe rather than Asia or Africa?”


Previous programme (2015)

January 27th  Sarawak and James Brooke  June Davey MBE

February 24th 

“Explorers”: Zhen He, Walter Raleigh, John Speke, John Blashford Snell

Short presentations by Peter Brazier, Joy Campbell, Lye Whatt Chua and Richard Smith

March 24th

Spanish Civil War

Mike Fox

April 28th

Reformation Kings and Queens

Short presentations by Joy Davis, Denise Smee, Graham Davey and Tony Pratt

May 26th

Life Story of local World War 2 Hero – Flight Lt Gordon Brettell

Derrick Croisdale

June 23rd

Foreign WW2 Experiences of  Horsley Residents

Short presentations by Anneliese Collett, Kees Jeronimus, Tinneke Robertson and Lye Whatt Chua. 

July/ August



September 22nd

How was Life? Changes in World Standards of Living since 1820

Clive Smee

October 27th

Sir Walter Raleigh : The Passionate Pilgrim

June Davey.

November 24th

General History of Military Medicine

Peter Starling