Practical Art for All


The Practical Art for All Group has been running since 2010 and meets approximately fortnightly on Thursdays in the Main Hall, East Horsley Village Hall from 2.00 pm to 4.15 pm.   

The main aim of the group is to encourage and teach those who have always wanted to paint and draw but have been a bit afraid of doing so, thinking that they would never be good enough! It should be a really pleasurable activity, non-competitive, and a chance to be creative and produce artwork so that each individual member of the group can feel a sense of achievement. Hopefully the experience will inspire confidence in each group member, with those who have greater experience helping the novices.

The results speak for themselves when the artwork has been displayed at the West Horsley Village Fetes. The paintings and drawings received an excellent response from the public - and we have had a few new recruits too!  

Recently the group has been challenged; using some black and white line drawings as a 'guide to inspiration only' they have used their imagination and using the techniques they have learned in colour mixing,choice of  brushes etc. to create their own work. - the results have been amazing and have given great satisfaction to the artists themselves. 

Some members of the group have remarked  that the high levels of concentration required in using the medium of coloured pencils, has resulted in all extraneous thoughts, worries etc. disappearing- others have expressed the wish that they could spend more of their time just 'painting with pencils’! 

Everyone exchanges ideas and encouragement and there's a lot of laughter too - but at other times one could hear a pin drop.  Whatever the medium, whatever the technique, art has to be enjoyable - and judging by the number who keep coming to the classes, it would seem that they agree  

For further information, please contact Jill Richardson-Jones (email:, 01483 503662.

Some examples of the members work:

Picture by a member of the Practical Art for All group

Picture by a member of the Practical Art for All group