Wine Appreciation Group

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The Wine Appreciation Group meets for educational and scientific research purposes only.  Its members actually hate the stuff but, purely for the greater good of science and society, have undertaken to research the full range and variety of wines available from around the world, so that they know those to recommend and those to avoid.

From the Group’s first meeting in May 2008, membership has grown steadily to the present 80-odd members. Tasting meetings are held in the evening of the second Tuesday of each month (except July and August and when there is an ‘away’ event in-month) for about one and a half hours, during which up to six wines are tasted and their respective merits compared and discussed. Two members (or an invited guest) prepare and lead a ‘home’ tasting, having chosen a ‘theme’ in advance, selecting and purchasing the wines. 

Home tastings start at 7:30 pm and are generally held in the Lovelace Room at East Horsley Village Hall. Numbers at each tasting are therefore normally limited to 36 including hosts.

 For 2019 the Group’s planned dates are currently: 



 If you have suggestions for Tastings, Home or Away please send them to (or talk to) Alan Gilbertson ( ).



For 2015 the Group’s Home Tasting Meetings were:

‘Become a Bubbly Connoisseur’ led by John West and Linda Hepp
‘Classic Wines of Alsace‘ led by Tony Samson and Peter Bennett-Davies
'South African selection' led by Tim from The Wine Reserve Cobham
'Can you choose wine by the label?’ An intriguing tasting, led by Clive and Denise Smee
‘Wandering around Italy’ led by Allan and Diana Piggott   
'Summer Picnic with French wines’ chez June and Len Green
‘A South American Selection’ led by Sue Bevan + June Blackwell
‘Last of the Summer Wine’ led by Chris and Cynthia Payne

'Wines of Correze, France' led by Tony and Valerie Thompson
'Aussie Selection' led by Fred Onslow and David Harrison



2015 Tastings Away

On 30 September, 43 members of the Wine Appreciation Group left Horsley by coach, bound for France via Eurotunnel. There was time to admire the beautiful coastline at Boulogne before enjoying a 4-course lunch at La Matelote (a Michelin starr8ed restaurant). Each course was accompanied by a different wine – six were tasted in all, once again under the expert tuition of Guy Boursot (standing on right of photo).

2015 Wine Group Outing

Orders for wines tasted during lunch and from Boursot Wines’ list were taken before the coach drove to the Wine Shop in Marquise, a few miles from Calais. Whilst wine orders were being assembled and paid for, we visited Carrefour for cheeses and other French delicacies.

No delays or problems were experienced with Eurotunnel, the traffic was light, though the coach was 'weighed down' with many cases of wine in the luggage hold…..


2014 Tastings Away

Two outings were held in 2014, the first in late June being a guided tour of Bolney Vineyard in West Sussex, followed by wine tasting and then dinner at the Vineyard's Restaurant.


 On September 30th a party of 39 members enjoyed an excellent luncheon with tutored wine tasting at Les Trois Mousquetaires Hotel in Northern France. On the return journey the coach halted in Ardres to allow many members to purchase cases of french wines at Boursots Wines at duty free prices.



2013 Tastings away

In 2013 members participated in two Tastings Away. In May a very pleasant luncheon with tutored wine tasting was enjoyed at La Bonne Auberge, Ardres, Pas de Calais in Northern France. A not inconsiderable number of cases of french wines returned to Horsley in the luggage hold of the coach!!

In September an afternoon visit was made to Hattingley Valley vineyard at Lower Wield in Hampshire, followed by dinner at the nearby Hoddington Arms, which had just won the Hampshire Pub of the Year Award. Click here for some photos of this outing.