The Creative Writing group, which was set up under leadership of the late and sadly missed Peter Dillow, is now led by Ian Eversden with Tony Pratt temporarily deputising while Ian takes a break. We meet on one of the middle Wednesday mornings of each month in each others’ houses or gardens. Creative writing can embrace any genre, from various types of fiction to poetry, travel writing or memoir, but our usual practice is to write short stories under a given monthly title which might be anything from ‘The Glorious Twelfth’ to ‘Over the Top.’ There is no set word limit for each story but they are generally 1000 – 1500 words long which gives us time to read and chat about them at our meetings. The chat doesn’t stop there as we are an easy going and congenial group, aiming to spend a couple of hours enjoyably. That said, we like to think that the quality of writing is good or, at least, improving and look forward to hearing what each has written. At the time of writing we can easily be a covid rule compliant group as membership at any one meeting does not exceed six. Given the constraints on socialising, this has proved to be an additional attraction.

We have produced an anthology of our stories in the past and plan to do so again.

Please contact Ian Eversden Tel 01372 456854