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About Us & Contact

We are one of the many Activity Groups within Horsley University of the Third Age (U3A).

We have several different cycling events each week. See About Our Rides for further details.

Rides normally start and finish in the Horsleys, but occasionally we will take bikes by car to a remote starting point.  In the past this has enabled us to do rides as far afield as the South Downs, the Hogs Back, Virginia Water and Windsor Park, and the Thames valley. The route outline and whether on road or off road is announced beforehand. We currently have equal numbers of ladies and gentlemen and on a typical Tuesday there are about 16 people on the ride.

For the last few years we have organised annual multiday trips, varying from cycling to Paris, back from Bristol, exploring the New Forest and historian led tours of WW1 and WW2 battlefields. Also since its inception the Prudential rides 100, 46 and 19 mile sportives have included a number of our members each year.

Organisation of the Group is shared between Bob Spackman and Sue Reeve, but all established members are asked to organise a ride to share the leadership roles around, and so people's preferences for particular areas of the countryside are catered for. See The Leaders page for upcoming leaders. 

If you are considering cycling regularly it is worth considering taking out insurance. Cycling UK or British Cycling provide insurance as part of their membership.

Contact Bob Spackman (, tel: 01483 283343) or Sue Reeve  (tel: 01483 282063) for further information.

How to Join Us 

You must be a member of Horsley U3A to become a member of the cycling group. See  Contact Us for further information. Why do you need to join the U3A? This will provide you with public liability insurance for anyone organising a cycling event and access to the full range of U3A activities and meetings. The annual fee is modest and good value. Either way if you are thinking of joining us for the first time please contact Bob or Sue who will welcome you to the group. You will be invited as a guest on your first ride after which you will be expected to join the Horsley U3a if you intend to continue to ride with us.

“Rules is Rules”

You must wear a helmet and follow The Highway Code.

Please make sure you carry a small card in your wallet or purse giving details of your name, any relevant medical conditions such as severe allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, medications such as anticoagulants and your next of kin and their telephone no.

When on busy roads please cycle in single file and in groups of no more than 4. Allow space between groups for vehicles to pass. Don’t worry about getting left behind. The ride leader will wait at suitable stopping points to make sure everyone is ok. No-one will be “dropped”.

Please wear bright and preferably reflective clothing.

Many riders have flashing lights. These are allowed by the Highway Code.

Rides are rarely cancelled e.g. for bad weather. If the air temperature is below 3 DegC at 8am road rides will be automatically cancelled.

See our Cycling Guide for further details.

There is one other unofficial rule: enjoy the ride!

Coffee and Cake 

Coffee stops are an integral part of our rides.

Here are a few of our local favourites in no particular order:

Pinnock’s, Ripley (open daily)

The Nest Home and Cafe, Ripley

The Lightbox Museum Coffee Shop, Woking

Taylor’s Coffee House, Byfleet (open daily)

Box Hill Cafe, Box Hill (open daily from 11am)

Southdown Cafe, Brockham (closed Wednesdays)

Tanhouse Farm Shop and Cafe, Newdigate (open daily)

The Milk Churn, Rudgwick (closed Mondays)

Cromwell Coffee House, Cranleigh (open daily)

Manor Farm Tea Room, Seale (closed Mondays)

Let us know if you have your own favourite.

 The Art of Cycle Maintenance

From time to time we run free cycle maintenance workshops at a local venue and go through some of the basics such as inspecting your bike, repairing a puncture, adjusting brakes and gears, checking your chain for wear. These are announced by email to members.

Previous Cycling Events

Here is a link to photos and details of previous cycling events.