As our name implies we explore areas of interest in London. Our expeditions are on foot. Generally the walking is not strenuous, normally not more than 3-4 miles. Adequate breaks for coffee/tea and lunch are included. The latest programme and most recent walks are shown below, together with links to our walks in previous years.

Parties are limited to 12-14 including the organisers. We go up to London on the first suitable train on which off-peak fares are available, currently about 9.20am. The aim is to return from Waterloo no later than 4.

Walks are organised for the 4th Thursday each month. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact David Harrison for further details.

Group Co-ordinator:

David Harrison: telephone 01483 280260

[Note that there are also Tuesday walks, please contact Roy Proctor Tel: 01483 282410 , and see also Explore London (Tuesday)]

To see photographs in our Photo Gallery, click here