Join a friendly local music-making group! 

As our title suggests, members of the Horsley U3A Make Music group meet regularly to make music together.

 We are an enthusiastic, friendly group that enjoys making music in a relaxed setting. At the moment we have an alto sax, guitar, harp, violin, clarinet, 2 flutes and piano but would welcome anyone with any instrument to come along and join us or just come and see what we do. The music we play is light music and show tunes. Most of us have come back to instruments or have learned to play later in life so a sense of humour and patience helps.

 We play mostly for ourselves but have been invited to play at various meetings of Horsley U3A and care homes and can get to a reasonable standard.

Anyone keen to join our group should contact Marion Hartland, by ‘phone. 01483 280072.

Marion would be particularly interested to hear from anyone with conducting skills or the ability to arrange music for the group.

If for any reason you would like to join us but Thursday afternoons are inconvenient, please say so and we can consider an alternative meeting time.