Our ‘Open Minds’ group gathers each month to discuss subjects that are of general interest to the members.  The subjects chosen range from current affairs to more sober issues such as euthanasia, but the discussion is always lighthearted.  If you have definite views on particular subjects it helps.  We meet in the congenial setting of our individual homes and invariably break for a cup of tea and a biscuit during the afternoon.  At our Christmas meeting this year we treated ourselves to mulled wine and mince pies. 

Since the inaugural meeting of the group in November 2009 we have covered many different subjects including ‘giving & receiving, hoarding and sharing’, ‘medicine’, ‘does God exist?’, ‘drug taking’, ‘excessive salaries’, Islam, and ‘the freedom of the press’.   As time goes by the subject list is expanded and we have 60 more subjects to choose from.  When the occasion arises we invite a guest with more in depth knowledge to help the discussion. 

Recently discussed subjects include 'The Challenges and Opportunities of an Aging Population', 'The Power of Religious Belief to Shape Human Behaviour', Happines Pain and Pleasure', ' Sleep & Dreaming', and 'Law and Order, Criminality, and Punishment Rehabilitation'.

Subjects on our list for future discussions 

  • 'The decline of integrity and how it can be restored’ 
  • ‘Health & Safety rules, despite risk being essential to life’
  • ‘Materialism, an aid to progress or a curse to be avoided?’ 
  • 'Pride and Prejudice’
  • ‘Social need, its causes and remedies. The work of the CAB’
  • ‘The nature and use of time’
  • ‘The Next Generation (standards, and responsibilities)’
  • ‘Stress and anxiety, peace and relaxation’

We welcome enquiries from new members. While the Covid crisis continues we are unable to meet at member's homes.  Meanwhile we are keeping in contact with each other by e-mail. 

Please contact Mandy Newman on 01483 284342.

A short report is written covering the essential outcomes of our discussions.  If you wish to see any of the reports please contact Mandy Newman.