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Growth of sub-groups (guidance offered)

Where it seems sensible to do so, larger groups have decided to split into smaller groups that can meet in member’s homes.  

Since the agenda is rather limited, the groups will probably meet for only a limited number of times before deciding to stop. Thereafter another small group may form. It is preferable for such groups to have a ‘syllabus’ to follow, and an organizer prepared to issue and receive e-mails. An ‘expert’ is not essential but helps. They are essentially self help groups.

For example sub-groups of up to 8 members are now running under the organization of the ‘Using New Technology’ Group.

Sharing the leadership role:

As mentioned above some groups are establishing teams of members to help run their groups. This helps in several ways. The load on the nominated leader becomes less arduous, there is backup if for any reason the leader is indisposed or seeks a change of role. The leadership sharers so far indentified include:

Open Minds                  - Mandy Newman

Astronomy                    - Ian Symes

Photography                 - David Wilson, Ian Eversden, David Martland and Eddie Hyde 

Art Appreciation            - Sylvia Lillywhite

Local History                 - Martin & Pauline Hulse

Explore London (Thursday) - June Wisden, and Hazel Jones

Boating & Sailing           - Rod Newman, Bob Spackman, and Ian Eversden


Contact for booking East Horsley Village Hall

East Horsley Village Hall has a manager. Contact details for the manager: 01483 285019 or:


And Finally: the slide show that appears before each monthly meeting is a permanent feature. If you wish to have any news displayed or to make announcements please let me know.


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